Rick Underhill

2011 - Current DICE (SWE)
2009 - 2011 Crytek (DE)
2007 - 2009 Rebellion (UK)

Battlefield 3
Worked on "redefining" destruction, level art, optimisation, props, bug fixing, finalising

Mission Improbable
Source engine mod for Half-Life 2. Created with Magnar Jenssen.
Did all the art, loads of animations, post effects, fun project with loads of mistakes and stuff to learn from. Shipping a pretty big project with self-imposed deadlines and getting it all working was a neat little challenge.

Crysis 2
Worked on environment props mostly, ended up optimising levels for the consoles at the time (PS3 and Xbox 360). Exciting project with lots of great collaboration and freedom.

Crysis 2 - GDC / SDK Demo Level
Filler time inbetween projects, with a group of about 5 we created a GDC demo for Cryengine. Worked on various props and set dressing.